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Fabric Ink

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Available in 25 rich colors Fabric Ink offers artists more vibrant colors, greater coverage, smoother workability, a softer hand and easier cleanup than any other screen printing ink on the market.  All colors carry the AP Seal and are permanent on fabric once properly heat set.


  1. On what fabrics can I print using Fabric Inks? 
    Fabrics that do not possess a large amount of stretch are best for use with Fabric Inks.  Cotton, Linen, Broadcloth, Denim & Canvas are examples of ideal fabrics for use.  Nylon is not recommended.
  2. Can I print on anything other than fabric using Fabric Inks? 
    Yes!  In addition to fabric, Fabric Inks print well on paper and cardboard.
  3. Are Fabric Inks permanent on fabrics after printing? 
    After being properly heat set, Speedball’s Fabric Screen Printing Inks will remain permanent on fabrics after printing.  To heat set, use iron as directed on product packaging.  Use of dryers is not recommended as settings do not consistently reach temperatures high enough to properly heat set the inks on the fabric.
  4. What do I need to use for cleanup after printing Fabric Inks? 
    Fabric Inks clean up easily with soap and water.