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For us at Studio Sparro, we are often asked, “Wow! Did you make this?”  And no matter how many times we are asked we are always proud to say “Yes, I did.”

Believe it or not, we are all born to be makers. Take a moment and think back.  As kids we all had paper and some crayons and we weren't afraid to make a creative mess.  But along the way as we grew older we started to adopt non-creative behaviors and eventually lost the things that once made us imaginative.  At Studio Sparro, through our curated art kits and workshops, we aim to help kids and adults explore their creativeness, see other points of view, take risks, envision solutions and most importantly embrace art as a way of life.  


Hi, my name is Bo.  I’m a wife, a mom to a beautiful daughter, a children’s book illustrator, an event designer, an art teacher and last but not least a maker. As a kid I loved reading, coloring and dressing my paper dolls in endless amounts of clothes I was able to create.  This was the single best thing that ever happened to me and it’s the reason why I became a maker.  As I grew older my passion to make did not stop which led me to major in illustration at Art Center College of Design.  There, I was introduced to the importance of curation and presentation which has helped me refine my skills as a maker even further.    

While at Art Center I met my husband James, our second co-founder, and together we have a beautiful daughter Daisy, our third co-founder.  And you guessed it right.  We are all makers.  On any given day at our house, you’ll find us making all sort of things…  whether it's our family recipe dish, a custom furniture, a cute accessory, creating and making something together in our studio is the heart of our family.  We live in La Crescenta, California and we hope to share our maker journey with you.